Software development

Inteligenta team has extensive knowledge and can provide support in the following software development services:

  • Quick analysis of existing programing code of complex software solutions
  • Good understanding of functional requirements
  • Algorithmic and mathematical programing
  • Heuristic and numerical optimizations
  • Effective project management and quality assurance

This model is appropriate for well-established companies with their own products or ongoing projects.

Technology partner

Inteligenta team has extensive knowledge and can provide support with the following DevOps and data science services:

  • Hosting to cloud migration
  • Automated provisioning of cloud infrastructure using Infrastructure as code tools
  • CI/CD deployment using different tools
  • Deployment and operation of containerized environments
  • Solving scalability and high availability issues
  • Related to single sign-on technologies, public and private cloud technologies
  • Analytics infrastructure operations management
  • Data warehousing, data marts, data lakes
  • Data pipelines for massive data processing
  • Python programming, data mining and machine learning

This model is appropriate for startups and companies with small or without IT departments.


Inteligenta has experience and capabilities to provide team extension services with rapid startup time and talented developers. We have extensive knowledge of various technologies and development tools: Python, PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. We collaborate closely with the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering (FCSE). FCSE is the most prominent technical faculty in the country and one of the largest ICT facilities in the region.

This model is appropriate for small and midsized companies with their products or ongoing projects.